Academic FOCUS

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS is a program that was developed by Con Val High School in Peterborough, NH. The purpose of FOCUS is to provide a time during which students will have opportunities for extended learning. It is not a “scripted” program.

What will FOCUS Look like at HMS?

A FOCUS period will be held every day of the week for one half hour. Teachers will use FOCUS time to extend student learning opportunities through the curriculum they are currently teaching. As a result, this academic period will not be graded and there will be no specific curriculum. All students, through the course of their education, need to be both accelerated and remediated in their coursework as this is the nature of all learners. The goal of the FOCUS time at HMS is to extend the classroom in both directions for both clarification/remediation of content and acceleration/expansion of the core content being taught at the time.

What is a FOCUS Homeroom?

  • FOCUS Homerooms are grouped by simple numbers, so a student's FOCUS homeroom will not reflect any educational level.
  • The goal of the FOCUS homeroom is to allow small classrooms of students (Approx. 16) to have access to one on one time with their FOCUS Homeroom teacher.
  • Your child will get scheduled to be with a particular teacher as a result of a request by a teacher or the recommendation of the Focus Homeroom Teacher. The main role of the FOCUS Homeroom Teacher will be to organize your child's FOCUS periods for that week. Together they will determine which teachers the student should meet with for the remainder of that week in order to reinforce or enhance a concept.

What is Scheduling and how does my child get Scheduled?

  • The Scheduling process will involve the placement of your child into their FOCUS periods for each week.
  • Scheduling will be done the first day of each week and will be done only for the week they are currently in.
  • Student scheduling will be done one-on-one with their FOCUS Homeroom Teacher in order to maintain confidentiality. The reason a student is scheduled with a particular teacher will not be known to anyone but the student and their FOCUS Homeroom Teacher.

Are there any other ways my student can be Scheduled?

  • Students can also be “pre-scheduled” by their subject and unified arts (Spanish, Music, etc.) teachers.
  • When students get pre-scheduled, it will be for the following week.
  • Students will be made aware they are being pre-scheduled. Again this will be done with tact, and no student will be called out in front of their peers when they are pre-scheduled.
  • Teachers will offer a reason as to why they are asking to see your child the following week so both parties can be prepared to work.
  • Neither Parents nor School Counselors will be able to pre-scheduled students into classes as the system will not support this option.
    • Note: The system will allow each of your students' teachers to see his/her weekly calendar as not to have your child over-scheduled. Once they have been scheduled on any day, that day will be locked out on their calendar.

How will my student know where they are supposed to be any given day?

  • During the scheduling time with your child's FOCUS Homeroom teacher, your child will be instructed to write down their schedule, for that week, in their agenda book.
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