Academic Accountability

Hudson Memorial School recognizes the importance of providing a challenging, comprehensive, systemically aligned, and integrated curriculum that includes high quality instruction and opportunities for students to remediate important knowledge, skills, and understandings within each content area.  As part of the instructional process, we also recognize that competency-based education requires that students are provided with multiple opportunities to demonstrate that they have successfully met curricular standards.



Students may opt to reassess any summative assessment where proficiency has not been met. The grade that they receive on the reassessment will replace their original grade if the reassessment grade is higher than the original assessment.


In order to take advantage of a reassessment, the student needs to engage in a relearning process that includes review of the original assessment with his or her teacher or person who is qualified and two other methods of remediation that may include: working with a teacher in Academic FOCUS or Academic Assistance, spending time with a tutor, parent, or guardian preparing for reassessment, completing all relevant uncompleted work in the class, or other options provided by his or her teacher.



The purpose of academic remediation is to provide students with targeted academic support in areas of the curriculum where a student’s knowledge and understanding of a skill or concept needs to be strengthened to further their academic success.  All students will be provided with the opportunity to participate in an Individualized Academic Remediation Plan when significant skill and concept gaps appear in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies for a given time-period during the school year. 

Students who score below a C on the grade scale or miss 6 or more days of classroom instruction during a 30-day period for reasons of Attendance or Discipline will be automatically placed on an Individualized Academic Remediation Plan.  It is important that students are in school and attending all classes.  Students who miss significant amounts of classroom instruction time may be at-risk of creating gaps in their own learning.  It is believed that students who participate in academic remediation after missing significant amounts of classroom instruction will decrease their risk of creating gaps in their learning and will be better prepared to meet the challenges of more advanced curricular work as the student progresses through school.

Academic Remediation will take place during Academic Focus and Academic Assistance.  The Individualized Academic Remediation Plan will be developed by the student’s teaching team, the student, and the parent(s)/guardian(s).  Students who do not successfully complete their Individualized Academic Remediation Plan during Academic Focus or Academic Assistance will be requested to complete their plan during February, April, and/or Summer vacation weeks.  Students who do not successfully complete their Individualized Academic Remediation Plans will place themselves at greater risk of being retained in their current grade level or until they have successfully completed their Individualized Academic Remediation Plan.         

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